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Grab your cup'o coffee

I'm one of those "go to bed/wake up with the sun" kind of people. It's how I've always been- if the sun is shining, I'm awake and ready to get moving! Our alarm goes off at 5:00 every morning; when Jake started working full time, his goal was to leave the apartment by 7a.m. every day. For me, that meant being out of bed, having my coffee & devotional time, lunch packed & breakfast made by 6:30. It took me some time to figure out what order to do all that in, but (as with everything else) once I established a routine it became simple!

Step 1: Get up & get coffee. No exceptions.

Step 2: Bible & notebook... with said coffee.

Step 3: If I'm preparring a hot breakfast, now is the time for that and while it's cooking, I'm packing Jake's lunch! *Efficiency is my bestfriend, seriously- it feels great!*

Step 4: After eating breakfast, brush teeth & Jake is out the door & off to work.

What comes next could be anything, I might be off on a run (a new habit I'm trying to actually make a habit...), I might run off to the laundromat, maybe I'm cleaning the apartment, or maybe I get back in bed and enjoy wasting time on Pinterest!

If you're someone who is a morning person, I'd love to hear what kind of routine you have! If you're not a morning person, I can't say enough how helpful having a set schedule is. If you can make it through the morning on "default mode" and get away with only being half awake because you have a routine that you stick to every day, I think you'll find that your day starts off quite well- after all, you basically slept through your morning but you also got stuff done!

Have a great day, however you choose to run your morning!


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