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Enjoy Troy!

I get a lot of questions, looks, and comments when it comes up in conversation that I live in Troy. For anyone that doesn't know or isn't from around here, Troy is an old factory town, famously called the hometown of "Uncle Sam". While it is surrounded by some wealthier areas, such as Loudonville, Troy isn't so well off; there are poor areas, there are rough neighborhoods, and you will see homeless people. However, I think this could be said of most cities across the country, and there are also beautiful, completely safe areas in Troy- this seems to be a little known fact. Now, I live just outside of Downtown Troy, I walk there frequently and enjoy the bustle of activity there. I grew up living out in the country, so I really enjoy walking to shops and restaurants these days! And I walk there alone. And I don't feel uncomfortable or unsafe. The downtown area of Troy has really turned around over the past few years; there are lots of new businesses popping up, lots of creative shops, so many delicious restaurants, all accompanied by beautiful, old, brick buildings and lights strung through the trees that sparkle at night! Dino BBQ is the #1 restaurant in Troy, and for good reason: their wings are absolutely phenomenal, the atmosphere is fun, the service is great, and boy- it always smells fantastic there! I'm a big meat-eater, so that's a great place for me! For a good cup of coffee there's Spillin the Beans, a cozy & unique coffee shop located conveniently just off the main drag in Downtown. Looking for a hot cup of tea? Jake and I swung by the Whistling Kettle on one of our early-spring walks this year and picked up some tasty cocoa & a yummy cup of chai! Or maybe it's a lemonade you're looking for- swing by Little Pecks for your fresh-squeezed lemonade, accompanied by a lovely shop with seating options in the main café, the patio, or upstairs in any of their given quiet rooms! Shops aren't the only thing you can see Downtown either; I've walked all over the campuses of RPI & Russel Sage, both of which have beautiful grounds. I love walking the streets of Downtown and admiring the old buildings with their classic "old building" details; the shoe scrapers on the steps, the massive wooden doors, the different colors and heights of buildings standing side by side. Then there's the waterfront; this time of year, there's always someone sitting on the steps reading, or children running through the water-shoots! On Wednesdays, there's live music down by the waterfront where quite a large crowd gathers every week during the summer. Year-round, every Saturday morning there is a farmer's market; we especially love the Gatherer's Granola we like to pick up there!

Living in the city does leave me wanting some nature every now and then, and when that happens I drive to Peebles Island, 10 minutes from the apartment, where I can enjoy being surrounded by trees and water where the Mohawk River meets the Hudson.

I know the Troy life isn't for everyone, but I love it and anticipate living here for quite a while. Some people will never come to Troy and will never get to experience Downtown, so here are some photos I took the other day during one of my walks. Enjoy Troy :)


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