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Our Lovestory: The Engagement

Two years ago today, Jake proposed in a beautiful Saratoga park at sunset; much excitement followed! Between mid-December and May of 2016, we planned our wedding. I love planning events, so choosing the flowers and colors and drawing up ideas of how I imagined things would look the day of was very fun! Jake and I quickly settled on having our wedding outside at his family's apple orchard, which worked out really well. I'm really thankful our engagement was relatively "short & sweet"; six months was just enough time to get everything ready for the wedding and the start of our new life together. Something we tried to keep in perspective while planning the wedding was that it was the start of our life together, and we really wanted to focus on and prepare for that. The wedding only happens once and we wanted it to be perfect, but even more than that we wanted to prepare ourselves for our life together.

So that's the proposal/engagement story! As of yesterday, we've been married for 18 months and are quite happy; getting married young was really the best thing for us. Life together is wonderful! I love looking back on that evening we got engaged and thinking of how excited we were then and how much has happened since. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

< Thanks to the Schonberg family for this photo taken in their home & with their dog, making Jake and I appear to have our life completely together and perfect! We're not grown up enough to have a pet or our own home yet, haha!


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