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2018: New Year, 18 New Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions can be a little daunting, so this year I decided to focus on making small adjustments to my daily life instead of making a list of "big" goals to achieve in 2018. What are your resolutions for this year?

  1. Less phone/social media usage; cut back to 1 hour of screen time per day

  2. Frequent self care; at least five planned activities per week, can be as simple or as involved as needed!

  3. More music involvement; have music playing at home, practice piano & guitar, sing more

  4. Consistent form of journaling; update a journal weekly with what I'm doing, how I'm feeling, who I have spent time with, etc.

  5. Continue memorizing Bible verses; at least 50 verses by January 1, 2019

  6. Bake more, trying new/more complicated recipes (inspired by the Great British Baking Show!)

  7. Focus on forgiveness & self discovery

  8. Communicate with close friends & family at least once per week; preferably in person, over the phone, or through FaceTime

  9. Practice more strength building exercises & yoga

  10. Visit Arizona

  11. See a live show

  12. Take a girls' trip

  13. Establish my staple beauty products (skin care & makeup)

  14. Host at least 1 dinner guest per month

  15. Begin taking voice lessons

  16. Graduate from college & obtain my RDH license

  17. Read through the Bible

  18. Dye my hair, like I've always wanted to!!!

Happy New Year, everyone!!!


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