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Our Lovestory: The Wedding

Our wedding day was the day my dreams came true; the single day that we had spent years thinking about and months planning for had finally come! When I think back on our wedding day, I actually go back to the week preceding our wedding. We had deep-cleaned our apartment and were working on moving in all the furniture & gifts we had gotten, knowing that the apartment had to be live-able when we returned from our honeymoon. That week was busy; my MOH & I were running around getting all the last minute details taken care of, family was arriving in town, I had my bachelorette party, and then the day of the rehearsal was upon us!

I made arrangements for the company we were renting our tent, tables, & chairs from to drop everything off and get set up the day of our rehearsal. When I arrived at the orchard that afternoon, I was so excited to see that what had always been a picture in my mind was now set up right in front of me! Everything had come together.

The rehearsal was stressful, I remember... I think they always are! The dinner following was such a fun time though, being surrounded by the friends and family closest to us was so special. That night, I said goodnight to Jake and drove home (for the last time) with my bridesmaids to try to get some sleep.

The next morning started early, as I enjoy taking my time in the morning. I remember waking up to my alarm and going downstairs to get coffee; my bridesmaids (two of my sisters and two friends) and I casually ate breakfast while steaming our dresses and my veil, styling our hair, and then applying our makeup. I remember my sister in law popping her head into the bathroom while I was doing my makeup, asking me how I was doing; I was surprised at how relaxed the morning seemed and how calm I felt! It was such a lovely morning and I knew it was going to be a wonderful day.

I watched as my family began leaving the house in order to get to the wedding site before any guests started arriving. Finally, it was just me and my bridesmaids at home and it was time to leave for the wedding. The five of us piled into my parents' Toyota, Camry and drove the half hour over to the orchard, making a quick stop at the church down the road to double check our hair and makeup before arriving!

And then, it all began. I had only just arrived and gotten situated it seemed when the music began to play and my bridesmaids were being summoned away to start walking. I stood with my dad, just around a line of trees, out of Jake's sight. When it was our time to walk, I honestly don't even remember looking at peoples' faces or anything else that was going on, I just remember seeing Jake and knowing I was smiling ear to ear, feeling completely happy. Our wedding ceremony was beautiful, if I do say so myself! It was everything Jake and I wanted.

And then, we were married; Mr. & Mrs.Jacob Davis were announced for the very first time!

What followed was a lot of excitement and a lot of emotions as we greeted our bridal party; then we were rushed off to photos in the orchard. When the photos were finished (finally!!!), we were able to mingle with our guests during the standing reception. It was such a wonderful feeling, having our friends, families, and churches surrounding us. I remember feeling so incredibly happy, no matter where I looked around me there were smiling faces and hugs being given. And then, Jake grabbed my hand and told me it was time to go! So, we said goodbye to our families and raced off to our honeymoon!

...well, almost.

We drove back to our apartment where I wanted to leave my gown so I didn't have to worry about transporting it in the tiny convertible we were driving! Once we had changed, we drove to one of the worst Walmarts I have ever been to because we had a few things to pick up and I had forgotten my purse in the Camry, so we had time to kill while my dad (accompanied by my cousin) drove to meet us there. Once the purse was secured, we were off!!!

A whole week, just the two of us, with no phones, and no wedding details to plan... it was perfect! And that's all I'll say about that...

A few "fun facts" about the wedding:

  • We were married in an apple orchard that has been in Jake's family for a long time; he has childhood memories of picking apples there and helping in the pie shop!

  • The music our bridal party and I walked down the aisle to was played by two friends of ours who happen to be talented musicians! We couldn't find a music arrangement like I wanted, I just had a YouTube video I was going off of, so my maid of honor's brother took on the task of arranging the music so it would be performed just the way I wanted!

  • Speaking of the music, "Can't Help Falling In Love" was what my bridesmaids and I entered the ceremony to. I had no idea what songs I wanted at the wedding until one day I stumbled across this version of "Can't Help Falling In Love" and I couldn't help it, I really did fall in love with it! As for the recessional, we changed our minds about the original song and chose "Overwhelmed" the night before the wedding. Our DJ, who also happened to be our officiator, was super awesome about the last minute change, along with the fact that he was working his sound system off of a car battery because our wedding was out in the middle of a field and there was no easy way to get electricity out there!

  • We honeymooned outside of Manchester, Vermont, in a cozy cabin that I totally want to go back to! I was so impressed with all the arrangements Jake had made. He planned the honeymoon and surprised me with most of it; I felt very special to have such a wonderful vacation planned for me!

Anyway, that's the short(ish) and sweet tale of our wedding!

The inspiration for our wedding music:

Our recessional:


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