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Daydreams & Aspirations

It’s been too long since I’ve done some writing, so here I am today. WOW life gets busy & the weeks fly by! At this point I’ve been working for almost 7 months as a dental hygienist & I’m pretty well settled into my role at the office. Every day basically goes like this: •Get to the office •Set up my room for my first patient •Call my first patient from the waiting room •Chat, x-rays, clean & polish & floss the teeth, make recommendations, bring the dr in for the exam, schedule the patient for their next visit, & dismiss the patient •Clean my room & reset for patient #2 •Do that all day long about 10 times *And if it’s a child maybe I get to place sealants to switch up my routine a little *Or if a patient wants whitening maybe I get to do that to switch things up ***But mostly- I do the same thing over and over again every day, 34 hours a week. NOW- I like predictable; I like steady & consistent. But I do get a little bored, and sometimes my patients aren’t very nice & I daydream while scaling their teeth about the event planning business I’m going to have someday, the home I’ll have in few years to decorate, or the bed and breakfast I’m going to run with Jake when we retire. All daydreams, not real plans- but that got me thinking WHY NOT make them real plans? Why not have an event planning gig on the side? Why not toy around with the idea of running a B&B we we retire in 40 years? I have plenty of B&B experience! I ran my grandmother’s B&B for a weekend by myself once, I’ve done basically everything there is to it except for the bookkeeping aspect (which I know is a lot, but still) so that’s legitimately a fun daydream to look ahead to! As for the home to decorate, eventually we’ll find the right place in the right location with the right style we want. Until then, I’m just going to keep daydreaming and pinning pins to my HOME board on Pinterest. But the event planning- that’s something I could do NOW. Jake & I work great together on stuff like that & if Jake isn’t into it or doesn’t have the energy for a gig on the side with how long his work days can be (he puts in about 60 hours a week currently), I have friends and family that would totally be down to get into a creative space & make some pretty sweet events! So yes, that is what’s on my mind lately- daydreams & aspirations. Just thought I’d share that with the world... I wonder, what daydreams and aspirations do you have? What things are you good at or what have you always wanted to do more of, but the time just always seems to get away from you? I’d love to know. :)


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